5 Ways to Elevate Your Hoodie Game with Inner Desires

5 Ways to Elevate Your Hoodie Game with Inner Desires
By Lylah Permanna

Putting on our favorite, cozy hoodie on a cold winter day will never fail to give us a sense of comfort and warmth. Everyone owns a hoodie for this very reason, making hoodies an essential staple of everyday life. By nature, hoodies are very versatile, allowing us to embody a variety of looks, from cool and minimalist to edgy and sophisticated. Here at InnerDesires, we have an assortment of hoodies, jackets, jeans, and accessories designed to keep you warm and set your style apart. We put together this lookbook, which consists of five methods for elevating your hoodie game to help you navigate these styles and keep you stay fly all season long.


1. Collected & Cool: 

A classic “worker jacket” or denim jacket is the perfect way to subtly set yourself apart. By combining a hoodie with these jackets, the outfit holds a greater structure that effortlessly creates a more sophisticated appearance. You can also combine these pieces with a nice boot to give it a sleek and off-duty rockstar-esque look.


Pairing a leather jacket with a hoodie is the perfect look for a rainy day at a museum, a night in the city, or a cozy day at the office. The combination of fabrics between leather and cotton gives the impression that you are stylishly edgy, yet cool and comfortable. Pair this with a shoe that complements the fit, and you have a crisp look that works for any semi-casual occasion.


3. Sauce Up Your Set

 The best thing about matching sets is that they give us structure and athleisure vibes in the coziest and most minimalist manner possible. One way to level up this look is by layering with the jackets mentioned above. Complementary accessories can also contribute to the organization of your sweat set for an even more effortlessly cool, structured look. It is most typical for sweat sets to be worn with a sneaker, so you can set your style apart further by pairing your sweat set with a utility boot such as Timberlands or Doc Martens. 


4. Comfortable & Sophisticated:

If you are looking to style your hoodie in a chic and tailored manner, adding a trench coat to your hoodie combinations is a perfect place to start. Similar to pairing with a jacket, trench coats provide a structure for hoodies that are essentially shapeless on their own. Furthermore, trench coats emanate a timelessness that, when paired with a classic hoodie and sneakers, brings forth a contemporary combination of professional and leisure. This style is always a great way to keep you looking casual and classy without sacrificing any warmth. Feel free to mix and match with different boot styles for a more formal and professional look.


5. Keepin’ it Classic:

When it comes to streetwear, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. The styles we have here at InnerDesires are chosen with the purpose of ensuring our customers look of the highest caliber, even on their off-duty days! We trust that the quality of our items speaks for itself and enhances even the most minimalist of looks. With a simple t-shirt, bottoms, and hoodie combination, you can pair a nice shoe and a couple accessories to give it that extra OOMPH (or chef’s kiss, if you will). Thus creating a look that makes you stand out not because of its relationship with unconventional pieces, but due to the quality and your personal style.

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