Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Think Pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Think Pink!
Lylah Permanna

October marks the time of the year in which we share a duty to recognize breast cancer, the second most common cancer in women. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, men can also get breast cancer but are at lower risk. In spite of the immense challenges breast cancer bears on many people, survivors never fail to inspire us and make significant strides in all fields including fashion and modeling.

Earlier this year, model Ericka Hart confidently displayed her breast cancer scars. In a show of activism never before seen on a New York Fashion week stage, Ericka Hart has facilitated a new space in fashion for women with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors. Ericka Hart, also an activist and educator, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. She stated in a post, "Fashion weeks put such a high premium on whose body is worthy to be seen — even the shows that include one small fat, racially ambiguous person are sending a message. There's no way you can be a part of the fashion world and not critique it.” Her message highlights the ways in which the fashion world must adapt to be inclusive of women from all walks of life. Revealing her mastectomy scars was somewhat a taboo for women with breast cancer, as it has been a struggle for many women with breast cancer to experience life without their breasts and is an experience not commonly shared in public discourse.   

Through boosting awareness about breast cancer, we can reimagine a world where women with breast cancer scars are no longer embarrassing for women and do our part in supporting the cause for finding a cure.


  • Pink is the color for breast cancer awareness, and fashion is always a great way to support the cause. For the remainder of breast cancer awareness month, InnerDesires is giving 20% of the profits from pink items sold to breast cancer research organizations.

  • Donate to reliable research organizations and charities:
  • It is never too late to donate to breast cancer organizations. Here are a few verified donation sites committed to finding a cure and providing support for women with breast cancer.

    • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    • Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer
    • National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund
    • Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation

    We honor the lives lost to breast cancer each year, and stand with the fight against breast cancer!

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